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    1. Welcome to Dongguan Yaokai Precision Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. website


      Precision fixtures, precision parts processing
      Integration of R&D, production, sales and after-sales

      About us

      Service call:

      +86 134 1848 6894 Miss Wu

      Tel:+86 769-81002128

      Fax:+86 769-81002118

      Email: yaokaijm@126.com

      Address: 1st Floor, Building 130, Sanjiang Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

      Your locationú║ Home >> About us >> Culture

      Philosophy: Honesty lays the foundation; responsibility creates quality; service ensures excellence; innovation leads the future; cooperation highlights brilliance.
      Purpose: To be customer-oriented, to improve customer production efficiency and quality as the goal, continuously introduce advanced technologies and products at home and abroad, to bring customers more comprehensive on-site solutions, and at the same time to bring benefits to shareholders.
      Goal: Provide customers with competitive products on time and in quantity.

      Over the years, the company has laid the foundation for "integrity; responsibility for quality; service to ensure excellence; innovation leads the future; cooperation to show brilliance as its core concept; the ultimate "product" is excellent talents as the companyí»s business mission, focusing on training and employees Improve the quality and help employees grow, so as to realize the common development of the company and employees.

      The company has a table tennis room, a billiard room, a library, a basketball court and other entertainment facilities to achieve a balance between work and life and study for employees.